Maybe there is something in the tea, but most adults in the UK actually believe that light sabers exist.


I have one of the most over active imaginations in the world but if you were to ask me if I thought that light sabers from Star Wars were real, as much as I would want to say yes I would in fact say no.  According to Birmingham Science City more than a fifth of adults believe that light sabers are real.  Are you kidding me?  I didn't realize Star Wars was historical fiction.  Maybe they took the whole "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away" thing a bit to seriously.

Director of BSC Pam Waddell said that they conduct the survey to see how blurred the lines are between science fact and fiction.  Turns out everyone is in need of some glasses. The survey also revealed that 25% of people believe humans can be teleported, 50% believe mind erasing technology is in use and a little more than 40% of people think that hover boards exist. Thank god this was an anonymous survey because these facts are rather embarrassing.  By the way, England is our closest ally.  Maybe we should consider getting in better with Canada or something.

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