Poor cat, maybe he really just wanted to ride the Steamin' Demon?

So the story goes "Gumbo" the cat, was keeping warm in an engine compartment of a minivan on Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. The mini van however, had plans to head to the Capital Region to take it's family on a little vacay.  When the van and it's family arrived at the Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Water Park in Queensbury the family discovered that Gumbo had stowed away on the nearly 230 mile drive from Brooklyn to Queensbury inside of their engine compartment.

A Warren County animal control officer from the Warren Countys SPCA was called to coax Gumbo out of his seat in the mini van and according to News 10:

After taking Gumbo home for the night and posting about the stowaway incident on Facebook, the SPCA were able to locate Gumbo’s family, who, sure enough, lives in Brooklyn.

and there's a happy ending too. Gumbo's family is driving up from Brooklyn to reunite with their beloved cat in Quennsbury! I still maintain that Gumbo just needed some thrills in his life and wanted to ride the coasters.