Today is the birthday of Buddy Holly, one of rock's greatest legends, but does today's generation know who he is?



Most music fans know that this song is about the tragic death of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper, but not the pilot of the plane that crashed.

Unfortunately Madonna had her way with the song, and almost ruined it, she kind of changed the meaning behind it, sining it from a female perspective and releasing a video that has nothing to do with what the song is about, instead she made the video about herself.

Whoever directed the video is a moron, probably french, they probably thought "The song is called "American Pie" it must be about America."

Kind of makes you wish that Madonna and whoever made this video would die in a plane crash.

Weezer names a song after Buddy Holly.

Other then including his name in the chorus, I don't really see, or hear, what the song has to do with Buddy Holly.

People sing songs about him and they name songs about him, and recording artists, cover songs about him. There was even a movie about him starring Gary Busey, before he went crazy.

Buddy Holly, changed music by defining the traditional rock lineup and he has influenced most of musicians that have influenced your favorite musician.

Celebrate one of the true pioneers of music today, and if you already know who he is, rediscover Buddy Holly.




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