The Berkshires have many small ski resorts and one that has been closed down for fifteen years may be getting some new life. Brodie Mountain ski resort has yet another new owner.

What is the History of Brodie Mountain?

Just three miles from Jiminy Peak, Brodie Mountain ski resort was built in the 1930s and has been closed since 2007. Brodie Mountain ski resort was bought and sold a few times. In 1999 the Fairbank Group which owns and operates Jiminy Peak and tried to give it new life. It was operated by Jiminy Peak for three seasons with many improvements made. But it was realized that there were a lot more upgrades to be done. The skiing portion was shut down in 2002 but the tubing remained open according to New England Ski History.

Who is Interested in Brodie Mountain & What Will Be Done?

The five hundred acre property has an interested buyer. The buyer was disclosed but if Brodie Mountain does go under contract, the sale could be done in a few weeks according to the Times Union. The property was listed at $1.9 million. It is not known who is interested or how much was offered. The buyer would be getting three ski lifts all of which need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Brodie Mountain May Not Be a Downhill Ski Resort Anymore

Because there was a previous deal with Jiminy Peak, there is a covenant on the property that prohibits downhill skiing. There may be an expiration date on this clause or it could be one that never expires. It is unclear. If it does hold up, there could be snowboarding, tubing, and cross-country skiing done at Brodie Mountain.

Brodie Mountain Could be Something Completely Different

There is the possibility that Brodie Mountain would be turned into a glamping site, an RV park, an ATV track, or there may be vacation homes built on the property.

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