Aerosmith is hitting Albany this June, and it has everyone excited.  Our friend Marcus, who fronts New York based rock band BulletProof Messenger, chimed in by talking about his favorite Aerosmith songs.

Anyone who has seen Marcus perform with BPM knows that they put on one hell of a show.  From start to finish, Marcus is hanging with the crowd, getting everyone pumped up, and just living for the music.  It;s no surprise that he can really appreciate what the boys in Aerosmith have brought to the table over the years.  So hear are his top five Aerosmith songs.

5.  Crazy

Just a down right classic blues rock "this bitch ripped my heart out" kinda song which EVERYONE can relate to, more well known for it's MTV video and the hottness of Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler.. but boobies aside this is a great song that will never die.. makes me want to beat someone with a cod..


4. Janie's Got A Gun

Epitomizes my younger years (early 90s hell yea), some of the best vocals every written or preformed, lyrics that I've had memorized since my pre teen years.. just raw emotion exudes from this song, I always thought of this as more of a Steven Tyler vocal epic song.

3. Livin' On The Edge

I've always thought of this song as the rebel yell of real musicians.. the musicians mantra.. go through these lyrics and listen to this song.. all you want to do is pickup a guitar and tell your parents to go F themselves on your way to play CBGBs (rest in peace).. I frigin love this song, and will always love it..

2. Sweet Emotion

Everyone knows sweet emotion, it's one of the most iconic intro bass lines from any band in history.. plus the talk box.. come on.. amazing.. just top rate song writing. It doesn't necessarily strike me lyrically but the melody and musicianship is as good as it gets.

1. Dream On

Just an all around fantastically epic rock song that I've enjoyed since the tender age of 8. This is a song I will be playing for my kids and the kind of epicness I strive to create as a song writer. It's a haunting and amazing dive into the mind of great musicians.. a song that grabs you within the first 10 seconds of hitting play and mind rapes you for days/weeks/years afterwards.

If you want more information on Aerosmith coming to Albany, check out the event page.