Cats are the kind of pets that work their way into our hearts and homes. Cute, cuddly and sometimes a pain are purr-fect ways to describe the feline species. But not many people know that they can also stop criminals square in their tracks!  

On November 20th around 3:30 am, Brittney Cline was woken from her slumber when her cat leapt from her bed. The cat jumping from the bed alerted Cline that there was a shadowy figure at the foot of her bed. Not sure if it was a person or not, Cline told the figure to get out of her house. When she did this, the figure crouched down on the floor and started to pet the cat and just looked at her calmly and said, “Hey.” Huh? He then stood up and left when asked.

Cline’s neighbor, Jasper Fiorenza, was arrested and charged with burglary when he attempted to break into Cline’s house AGAIN the next day!  And all so he could pet the family cat!

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