Bush are finding the joy in contrasts, as evidenced by the title of their new Black and White Rainbows album. While the "rainbow" title might generate thoughts of something cheery, there is definitely a darker side behind it, and listeners get a bit of that in the new song "Dystopia."

"I wanted to write a record about what it's like coming out of a cannon before you take off through these watershed times," singer Gavin Rossdale told Billboard, who premiered the new song. "I think it really is important to have the element of hope and repair and sunshine because it's such a divided world now. It's so divided and crazy and unstable and vulnerable. It's fallen at my feet as a lyricist to consider the position that we're in -- and unfortunately chaos makes for really fertile ground to write from."

The track has an infectious beat that draws you in but more stark guitar effects emanate a darker element to what the listener takes in, bordering on a more industrial vibe. Rossdale says that "Dystopia" is a key track in the flow of the album, signifying where the disc takes "a really interesting turn." "It's a real hybrid of stuff I like, using machines and analog stuff -- the band plus machines," he explains. "I was just thinking of this dystopian world, this underbelly of frustration and fear and persecution and distrust just everything that's going on around us all the time. You have a president who half the country voted for and suddenly nobody voted for him. Nobody can make their mind up about him. So it's a very strange time, all the way around."

Turning the conversation more toward the political climate in the U.S., he adds, "It just feels like it's in its very early stages, like a torrential downpour of confusion, and it's hard to see where things are going to take shape. It's like no one's wearing a seat belt and there's crazy tidal waves of stuff just coming at us. Usually people get involved just around election time in any country and then go back to their lives, but it's such a big thing going on now that there's such a big, sustained interest because everybody loves their country so much and is like, 'What's happening.'"

The Black and White Rainbows album arrives today and you pick up the disc via Amazon or iTunes. After a one-off show in London this month, Bush will truly launch into their touring support of the disc in May, kicking off a North American tour. Dates can be found here.

Bush, "Dystopia"

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