When Bush disbanded in 2002, frontman Gavin Rossdale formed a new band called Institute. Institute released one album before Rossdale moved on to his solo career, releasing ‘Wanderlust’ in 2008. Now in 2012 Rossdale is back in Bush, where he feels he truly belongs.

In a new interview with Classic Rock Magazine (via Big Pond News) the frontman discusses his career even going as far as calling his solo disc a mistake. “Nobody cared” about it and in the end he felt he was destined to be with Bush. He talks about the path that led him back to the band, saying, “There was a side-project, and then a solo career, by default – that was almost a douche-bag route; who cares about singers making solo records? I needed to be in Bush again.”

Now that he is back in Bush again, Classic Rock asked him what it’s like not to have founding member guitarist Nigel Pulsford and original bassist Dave Parsons in the band anymore. Rossdale said he understands why they didn’t want to return, explaining, “I haven’t even missed Nigel not being in the band. It couldn’t be more normal. Nigel just doesn’t want to work anymore, he’s never coming back.”

Nigel may not be coming back, but Bush definitely did. Their 2011 release ‘The Sea of Memories’ marked the band’s first studio disc in close to a decade. They followed the release with a club tour run followed by joining Nickelback on their North American jaunt. The band is now on tour in Europe through mid-September playing countries like England, Germany, Portugal and Italy.

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