Living Social is a social buying website similar to Q103's Seize the Deal. Each day a new daily deal is listed and offered for customers to purchase. There are several sites that are like these, but you have to check out all of them because the deals are always random. It can help you save a couple bucks when you least expect it.

Today's particular deal from Living Social caught my eye after it was trending in Twitter all morning. Fandango is always advertised at the movie theaters, but I've never taken the time to actually check out the website. After today, I may even start to utilize Fandango. Living Social is offering two movie tickets for the price of $9. That's a great deal in the Albany area, since movie tickets generally range from $7 to $9.

So if you expect to have a movie date within the next couple months, I suggest you take advantage of this great deal. According to Living Social, your total savings would 70%. Now, what movie should I check out?