Last night Peyton Manning pulled off a late 4th quarter comeback, and proved that he is not too old yet, and that my Dad should leave the picks up to me in our Pick'em league. 


Someone did not like my 'roast' last week, I think it's because he is a Patriots fan. I will not be roasting this week, but giving you the C- scoop on who is going to walk away from week 2 a winner!

Massachusetts vs Buffalo

After Buffalo smacked Andrew Luck and the Colts last week, I think that the Cheaters are going to underestimate Buffalo, and that Rex Ryan is going to be Rex Ryan. What I am looking forward to the most is an entire stadium of fans chanting: Cheaters!

Pick: Buffalo.

Houston vs Carolina

J.J. Watt is so pissed, his team lost in week 1 and he can't get a girlfriend. Carolina beat Jacksonville, Houston is may be a challenge that Carolina can't match on defense.

Pick: Houston.

Arizona vs Chicago

Although this will be a chance for Chicago to prove that they are not going to share the cellar with Minnesota in the NFC North this season, I don't think they are going to. Arizona has been too consistent for the past few seasons and Chicago is enduring a slow decline, at least they don't cheat.

Pick: Arizona.

San Diego vs Cincinnati

Both teams looked pretty solid last week, but Cincinnati had Oakland and San Diego had Detroit, although I am confident that Cincinnati will go all out in their home opener, I am more confident in Philip Rivers ability at quarterback.

Pick: San Diego.

Tennessee vs Cleveland

Tennessee will be looking to test Johnny Manziel I hope, I dread Manziel's breakout game, but I don't think that it is going to be this Sunday.

Pick: Tennessee.

Detroit vs Minnesota

Detroit is so upset about their game last week, and they are going to take it out on Minnesota. These are not the same Detroit team that Peterson is used to, he may break loose once, but that is all that Minnesota will do.

Pick: Detroit.

Tampa Bay vs New Orleans

If New Orleans wants to prove that their still a threat, then this is the game to do it in, Tampa Bay is sometimes unpredictable, but the New Orleans are not, when they are at home.

Pick: New Orleans.

Atlanta vs New York G's

Atlanta struggled to defeat Philadelphia, and now they have to deal with a Manning in new York. New York could not stop Dallas in the 4th last week, but this New York team always learns from their mistakes.

Pick: New York.

San Francisco vs Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh's defense is not what it used to be, but it's still similar to what it used to be, San Francisco is off to a hot start, but I think that Pittsburgh is going to slow them down.

Pick: Pittsburgh.

St. Louis vs Washington

Sorry Washington fans, better luck next season, take it from a Lions fan..... yeah take it from a Lions fan, HA! HA!

Pick: St. Louis.

Miami vs Jacksonville

Pretty sure that Miami is going to win the 'Battle of Florida.' Miami has built a team, while Jacksonville is still trying to find the building blocks. What is more important is: What will Suh do this time?

Pick: Miami

Baltimore vs Oakland

I really want Oakland to be good one day, that day will not be when they are playing Baltimore. Oakland could not handle Cincinnati last week, Baltimore suffered a heartbreaking loss to Denver, if you really think that Baltimore is going to be denied their first win of the season, then you truly are a Oakland fan.

Pick: Baltimore.

Dallas vs Philadelphia

This is always a fun rival, and I can't really decide, so I am going to go with my gut on this one, keep in mind, I hate Dallas.

Pick: Philadelphia.

Seattle vs Green Bay

In this game we must ask ourselves, which team is more overrated this season? Seattle still has most of it's starters on offense, and I don't think that they are going to be satisfied starting the season at 0-2.

Pick: Seattle.

New York J's vs Indianapolis

As much as I would like to route for my Dad's team, I can't ignore that Andrew Luck is probably upset with himself after last weeks loss, and this is Indianapolis's home opener. New York had Cleveland last week, Indianapolis is a completely different animal, seriously their horses, Cleveland are dogs.

Pick: Indianapolis.

If I were betting, there would be a spread, I am not.

You can all pick the games to and see if you're better then me if it makes you feel better about yourself, but remember, Detroit is going to win the Super Bowl.



Pick: St. Louis.







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