I wanted to find reliable source, that would predict 2016 without an objective, I wanted a non-biased influence, to guide me into the future.

I feel like I can see the future now, it is all coming to me, so clearly, that I feel like I can reach out and take a handful of the future, and stuff it in my face and taste it.

Prediction 1

There will be a Justin Bieber sex tape, but it will not be perceived as a "scandal," but a "premiere," and instead of shaming him, or trying to keep Justin Bieber's sex tape from young eyes, it will be celebrated and be made into a music video.

Prediction 2

A tree will fall in the woods, and only Randy Quaid will be able to hear it.

Prediction 3

Beyonce should of won.

Prediction 4

The Rock 'N Derby, at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds, on May 20th - 22nd, will be the greatest music festival ever, and you will get your tickets now.

Prediction 5

Hooters will start serving breakfast all day long, the popular restaurant will start opening at 7:00am, and waitresses will serve breakfast in pajamas and low cut housecoats, or bathrobes.

Prediction 6

Hillary Clinton will be America's next President, it will be revealed that Nostradamus was a sexist.

Prediction 7

The Batman vs Superman movie will bomb.

Prediction 8

The Detroit Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup.

Prediction 9

Coca-Cola will buy out Pepsi, and re-release the Pepsi formula, and call it Pepi-Cola.

Prediction 10

Boston sports fans will still be ignorant.

Prediction 11

It will be revealed that Taylor Swift is a racist, and her record sales will increases.

Prediction 12

Raven Symone will break Bill Cosby out of jail, by putting quaaludes in all the guard's drinks, then while in the getaway car, Raven will accidentally drug herself, because that's so Raven.

Prediction 13

The Poles will completely shift, but no one will notice, because a new "Social Media Smart Phone" will be released.

Prediction 14

Hulk Hogan will become a interracial porn star.

Prediction 15

A new hot sauce will be invented, it will be so hot, that if you consume it, you will travel back in time, and they will call it "The Flux Capacitor."

I have more predictions, but that is all for today, if you want me to tell you more about the future, find me on Facebook & Twitter, but don't tell the government.