FREE rides to all the hots spots in Downtown Albany EVERY WEEKEND.

Ahhhhhh this is so exciting! About a year ago CDTA announced that were going to be offering a FREE shuttle service, that was then called, Capital City Shuttle. Where on the weekends you could could hitch a free ride to quite a few stops from Washington Park to Downtown Albany and the Warehouse District. The service only lasted the summer but it was a glorious summer of checking out multiple spots in the city without getting sweaty or losing your parking spot.

Well, it looks like the city and the CDTA took notice to how much the community and it's visitors enjoyed the free service because they are bringing it back on a year round basis! The new service will be called the Capital City Trolley and instead of short buses you will be able to hitch a ride on an actually trolley similar to those running in Saratoga and Schenectady.

The route has changed a bit since last summer. The Capital City Trolley will run on a 20 minute loop that has multiple stops on Lark St., Washington Ave., Broadway, and Madison Ave. on Thursday's, Friday's, and Saturday's from 5pm - 12:30am.

It's a bit of a bummer that the loop no longer includes the Warehouse District. In my perfect world the loop would extend the current one just a bit and travel to the top of Madison and to the Warehouse District. However, I will take what I can get and I am sure there is always room for improvement right?

Listen if you don't take advantage of this amazing service that is just silly. Think about it you can get to multiple venues, bars, restaurants, parks, shops, and then some without having to move your car or hike the hill!

If you need a visual of how it works check out this episode of Free Advice Friday from last year when we first got word of the new service!