It boggled my mind a little when I heard Snowman's in Lansingburgh was open for business. Mind boggled again, let me explain why.

For me, I personally am not much of an ice cream guy. For the most part, I only get ice cream at some of the well-known establishments. That is something generally reserved for going out after dinner with family. But to know we still have a solid few inches of snow left on the ground and spring seems pretty distant still, its odd that these ice cream establishments are opening. Maybe I am wrong.

Either way, it seems like we at least are inching closer and closer to seeing grass grow and trees blossom. Guptill's, a Capital Region mainstay for ice cream has opened its doors. Now obviously not everyone shares my opinion since according to CBS 6, there was a customer there at 10:30 AM yesterday morning.

Who has the best ice cream in the area?

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