Not bashing this town in the least, I knew it would be on the list. I didn't even for a moment think they would be atop it.

When you think of a wealthy town, you think massive houses. Quiet streets everywhere. Gated driveways and Mercedes and BMW's driving everywhere. I mean you have a smattering of that in the wealthiest Capital Region town but, in reality, you actually really can live here pretty easily.

Now I am not wealthy and I have searched home prices in Clifton Park, the wealthiest town in the entire Capital Region, they aren't astronomical. Some of the suburbs have a higher tag than others like anywhere. But you can probably afford a home here. Even if you cannot afford a mortgage. There are dozens of places throughout the Clifton Park area to rent.

So, maybe I will move to Clifton Park to make people think I'm rich while I ride around in my Kia Forte.