With mask restrictions subsiding, and COVID-19 rates dropping, St. Patrick's Day 2022 is bound to be one for the ages.

Don't forget, you can check out one of the Capital Region's best Irish pubs, and build your liquid courage as you celebrate the weekend. Aside from drinking, however, a number of other St. Patrick's Day traditions are coming back in 2022.

The area where parade participants will gather, near Quail Street and Central Ave / Google Maps
The area where parade participants will gather, near Quail Street and Central Ave / Google Maps

One of those traditions, is the Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade, which will take place on Saturday, March 12th from 2PM to 4PM in Downtown Albany. Ahead of the parade, here is everything you need to know if you're traveling through Albany on Saturday.

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Road Closures for the St. Patrick's Day Parade

Two hours ahead of the beginning of the parade, at 12:00 PM, the area of Central Avenue between Manning Boulevard and Quail Street will be closed to traffic, as parade participants will be lining up in that area.

The parade itself will begin at Quail Street's intersection with Central Avenue, and meander through Washington Ave and State Street, before finishing on James Street. That entire route will be closed until the end of the parade, beginning at 1PM on Saturday.

Road closures in the area will be the following, according to WNYT:

  • Central Avenue from Manning Boulevard east to Washington Avenue

  • Washington Avenue from Central Avenue east to Washington Avenue/Eagle Street/State Street

  • State Street from Washington Avenue/Eagle Street east to Broadway.

Parking Restrictions for the St. Patrick's Day Parade

In addition to roads being closed due to parade traffic, a number of parking restrictions will be put in place from 6AM until 4PM on the day of the event. This will allow both parade participants, and parade attendees, to have more accessible parking along the route for the day.

It will also help the Albany Police Department limit traffic when roads do eventually close for the afternoon.  According to WNYT, restrictions will be in place in the following areas:

  • Central Avenue, both sides from Ontario Street to Lake Avenue

  • Quail Street, east and west sides from Bradford Street to Sherman Street

  • Washington Avenue, north side from Dove Street to South Swan Street

  • Eagle Street, east side from State Street to Pine Street

  • State Street, north and south sides from Lark Street east 3 spaces on each side.

  • State Street, north and south sides from South Swan Street east to Plaza Road east of Legislative Office Building

  • State Street, south side from Eagle Street to Broadway

  • State Street, north side from Pearl Street to Broadway

  • South Swan Street, east side from Madison Avenue to Washington Avenue

  • Broadway, east and west sides from Pine Street to Hudson Avenue

  • Green Street both sides from State Street to Madison Avenue

  • Dallius Street, both sides from Hudson Avenue to Division Street

  • South Swan Street, east side from Madison Avenue to Washington Avenue

The City of Albany's website has more information on the parade, if you and your family are planning on attending!

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