As we drive around the backroads and highways of New York State there are certain rules we all need to follow. Most of the signs we see as we commute from place to place are self explanatory. For example, STOP, Speed Limit 45 and No Turn On Red need no further instructions.

With the assistance of road signs most drivers can navigate the State without much hassle. So, how did this one New York driver get his Tesla stuck on a snowmobile trail? Let's take a look.

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On Tuesday January 30th, according to a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) press release, Hamilton County Sherriff's Department contacted DEC Forrest Rangers for assistance with a disabled vehicle.

Rangers responded to the scene of a disabled vehicle on Elm Lake Road in the town of Lake Pleasant. This isn't a typical road, this is a snowmobile trail. Even with chains on some of the vehicles tires this car didn't get to it's desired destination.

518 news, New York State DEC, Lake Pleasant, vehicle stuck on snowmobile trail

Following an investigation it was determined that the driver of this vehicle was attempting to make it to Siamese Ponds Wilderness trailhead, which is only open to snowmobile traffic. Along the way this vehicle became disabled.

Authorities issued a ticket for illegal operation of a motor vehicle on posted easement roads and/or trails. A local tow company removed the vehicle.

518 news, New York State DEC, Lake Pleasant, vehicle stuck on snowmobile trail

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