Things are shaking up at Crossgates Mall amid several store closures however, there are some new things moving in...

crossgates mall, coming soon, stores

Wow the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland just had a handful of stores close down! I was doing a little shopping over the weekend and noticed there were a few empty store fronts in the mall as well as a few "coming soon" signs. I feel like malls now days are becoming a sort of revolving door of stores and "attractions" and it's kind of always evolving.

I'm sure online shopping is to blame but sometimes you just need to try things on or you know ya need something like, now.  Anyway after a quick search of the TU when I got home I found out that J. Crew, Ann Taylor, and The Limited have all closed and Mathews Hallmark Store isn't too far behind them.

Apparently the Limited went bankrupt and is basically not a thing anymore. You can get your J.Crew fix at the Mercantile outlet at Colonie Center if that is your spot. Probably gonna be a nice little drive for an Ann Taylor though.

They say with loss comes gain and although those stores out we can look forward to the European clothing store Zara opening in the spring and it looks like yet another bar/eating establishment will be opening at some point called Waxys, a "modern Irish bar and kitchen, so there's that.