On this weeks Free Advice Friday a reminder so that you don't show up late to work on Monday ... or an excuse for showing up late on Monday. You pick.

To be honest I always forget about day light savings time until it's actually affecting me and usually by that time I'm all discombobulated. In an effort to avoid that 'off' feeling we bring you this weeks edition of Free Advice Friday.

Daylight savings time has it's advantages and disadvantages. In the fall it's cool because we get an extra hour of sleep but it kind of sucks in the long run because that's when the darkness sets in. In the long run I much prefer when we spring forward. Yea, we loose and hour of sleep but for like a few glorious months we get an extra hour of daylight (even if we still have winter weather at the beginning and the end).

So this week a little reminder to change you clocks after the time change so you aren't showing up late everywhere for the next week.