Heart Foundation are a upcoming alternative band from Albany, NY. I know Sean the guitarist personally and when we got a chance to catch up, he told me their amazing story. On how they got to where they are now. From having worked with Casey Daniels from Seven Mary Three. To even having ties with Shinedown.

Hailing from Albany, NY, Heart Foundation was formed in 2006 by members Zak Ballard (Vocals) and Sean Beebe (Guitar). The band recruited former bassist, Dylan Wilcox and drummer, Jay Nowak after the release of their first ep, "Hold On To This.”

Following their first release, Heart Foundation relocated to Orlando, Fl where they met with musician/producer Casey Daniel of Seven Mary Three, and recorded a follow- up EP, “It’s All Happening” in 2009.
After playing shows in the southeast and few member changes, Heart Foundation relocated back to Albany where they reunited with drummer Jay Nowak. During this time, Sean was invited to play on a record in Nashville with Rex Murphy and Jasin Todd (Shinedown). At the same time, Heart Foundation had released a new single, “Hospital” that sparked the interest of Nashville producer, Nolan Neal.

The band traveled to Nashville to record their upcoming ep Giants with Nolan at 16th Edge Studios. After recently recruiting members, Ethan Rose (Guitars, Keys) and Eric Rosen (bass), Heart Foundation is currently gearing up to release a new EP on December 15th, debuting “The Weekend” as the album’s first single.