Over the last decade or so Adrian Peterson has cemented his name among the best running backs in the league. Will he call New York home soon?

What is almost certain is that he will not garner the same salary he has been making if he chooses to stay a Minnesota Viking, the only team he has ever played for in the NFL. At 32 it is easy to argue maybe his best years are behind him. Either way I think it could be an interesting fit if he decided to come to the big apple. With that said, many experts are saying he will be a good fit for a team with a good offensive line. That is a category the Giants aren't so hot in.

Experts also are saying he needs to be with a team whose offense isn't centered around him. The Giants in that aspect could be a good fit with Sterling Shepherd and Odell Beckham Jr. at wide out and Eli Manning passing the ball. Now while the G-Men may not have the envious offensive line of years past, I do myself (maybe wishfully) want to see Peterson make his way here.

It should be noted Peterson had listed off some of his desired teams. These of course with the caveat that he really would prefer to finish his career as a Viking. Those desired teams consisted of the Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Giants. It should also be noted the star running back lives in Texas.