Any guesses on what kind of life help New Yorker's ask the internet for advice on the most?

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The good folks over at Estately are back at it again and have used Google Autocomplete to go about finding out what people in every state are doing on the internet. This time around they have compiled a list of the most searched "How to..." questions.

Now when I began looking at this list I started thinking about the last few things I had searched on google. Which were ...

How to ...

  • cook chicken in a pan
  • take liquor on a cruise
  • make slime

Go ahead judge away... but after checking out my own history I thought to myself, this could be interesting. Turns out, I was right. Not only was I right but man, it seems like New Yorker's are really putting a lot on google in an attempt to figure out how to get their lives together. So, with out any further ado, here are the most searched "How to..." questions in New York State:

  • How to use Bitcoin?
  • How to explain mansplaining?
  • How to use dry shampoo?

Nothing too weird yet ... but wait, they get better.

  • How to give yourself a hickey?
  • How to use Tinder?

I'm pretty sure the second of these two is for the sole purpose of never needing/wanting to do the other. Anyway, here's where the life advice kicks in...

  • How to ask for a raise?
  • How to be a boss?
  • How to stop being a loser?
  • How to stop being lazy?

and finally ... my personal favorite:

  • How to get revenge?

To be honest I'm kind of impressed I thought for sure there would be way more very basic common sense questions on there. If you want to see the full list and check out what the rest of the fifty nifity united states are asking google how to do you can click HERE.

What was the last thing you asked google "How to..."?