Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, "This is a self-portrait of America, okay?" in his daily coronavirus press conference on Wednesday when he revealed a wall of face masks donated to New York from all over the country.

It really is an impressive sight to see all the different patterns, styles, and colors put together like a giant PPE quilt.

Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo talked again about the Kansas farmer that donated one of his five N-95 masks to a New York doctor or nurse. The governor said they had received "thousands of masks from all across America, unsolicited, in the mail, homemade, creative, personal, with beautiful notes from all across the country."

Most of the masks that were sent in also had heartfelt notes attached to them giving support to New York and everyone involved in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Groll/Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

"You know what it spells?" asked Cuomo during Wednesday's press conference. "It spells love. That's what it spells. You have to look carefully, but that's what the American people are saying."

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