Well, chickens were illegal. WERE being the most important word in that sentence. The Village of Ballston Spa has made it legal to keep hens within the town. However, roosters are still illegal.

Backyard chicken coops are becoming more and more popular and people are loving the fresh eggs they can gather. Some towns have been reluctant to approve any livestock outside of a more rural setting, but in the Capital Region several towns have changed their livestock laws.

Ballston Spa has come to a compromise with those that have been lobbying to keep chickens within the village and will now be allowed to keep up to six egg laying hens in a backyard chicken coop.

Other livestock is still on the banned list according to the Villiage of Ballston Spa Code Website.

"Includes but is not limited to horses, goats, cows, chickens, ducks, hens, pigs, roosters, ponies, tigers, and lions or any animal that produces odor, unsanitary conditions, or is a danger or nuisance to the community."

Lions? Tiger? What the heck do lawmakers think is going on in Ballston Spa?

Check out The Daily Gazette for more details.