A Saratoga County dude was recently arrested with possessions of steroids with intent to sell. Anthony M. Crocetto Jr. of Ballston Lake was busted after ordering large amounts of steroids from china and keeping them and other drugs at his business in Glenville.

“Police say an investigation into the purchase of steroids by members of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Department of Homeland Security and Postal Inspectors Office resulted in Crocetto's arrest. About 55 vials of liquid steroids and more than 1,000 oral steroid tablets were found in Crocetto's possession at his business, Superior Auto, located at 584 Saratoga Road, according to police.” –TU

Dealing drugs is bad regardless what it is. It’s against the law and you’re bound to get in trouble if you are ever caught. That being said here is how I feel about the use of steroids. For the most part I see them as dumb, but I understand why people do them. If you use your body to make money then using steroids is just another way for you to try the best you can to do so. If you are a professional athlete, baseball player, foot ball player and you are using steroids to get a competitive professional edge, I understand that. But to the meat heads who have no reason what so ever to put steroids into their body other then they are narcissistic fools who have self-esteem issues then I don’t understand you. If you are getting gassed up to go to the club you are a moron!

As a professional wrestler I know there is a stigma that comes with the territory. I can honestly say I have never, nor do I use steroids. I’d love to say I do not plan on using them ever in my life, but there is no telling how I would truly react if duffel bags of money were to be presented to me. Right now I want to say the answer would still be “No” but in reality nobody can know how they will react given that situation. So that’s a bridge I’ll have to cross when I come to it. But I do know how I would react if someone offered me steroids right before I hit the dance floor… I’d main vane that shot so fast and bust out the sickest dougy any fly lady has ever seen!