Did you ever watch the ultra-intense opening of Mission: Impossible 2 when Tom Cruise climbs up a cliff in Moab, Utah? It’s one of the most insane stunt undertakings in American cinema, with avid climber Tom Cruise doing the entire ascent himself with only a so-thin-its-basically-invisible safety wire between him and a plummeting demise. (Insane story here.) Check it out, I’ll go grab more coffee.

Dizzying. But if that looks like your idea of a good time, the Capital Region will soon have your chance to give your rock-climbing skills a boost in much safer conditions than Tom – if that’s your sticking point. Local developer First Columbia is teaming up with a Massachusetts-based climbing gym to bring a multi-million-dollar indoor rock-climbing facility to Troy.

First Columbia LLC
First Columbia LLC

As reported by Albany Business Review, River Street will be the newest expansion of Central Rock Gym, who is rapidly covering the northeast since opening its original Worcester location in 2009. The 12,000 square foot facility looks like a climber’s dream with 45-foot-high walls, 250 linear feet of bouldering, and 200,000 square feet of climbable indoor terrain. First Columbia is putting four million dollars into the building, with Central Rock Gym spending an additional million on the climbing space.

The space will have low walls to suit beginning climbers, all the way up to overhangs for the seasoned Adirondack-climbing experts. Central Rock Gym will also feature more traditional aspects, like a weight room and cardio machines.

Climbers have plenty of time to chalk up, with the planned opening scheduled for Summer 2023 according to the CRG website. It’s not full Cliffhanger, but it could get you in touch with your inner Stallone. (Sly, not Frank. Never Frank.)

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