Finally, after all these years of having to scarf down chocolate super quick in the summer in fear of my hands being doused in the melted remains of my snack - COMES CHOCOLATE THAT DOESN'T MELTS!

The fine folks over at Cadbury are putting together a line of chocolate products that can withstand hot temperatures. The company's scientist (yep - they have chocolate scientist and what a job it must be) have invented a new dairy milk chocolate that can hold up to 104 degrees for three hours.

To get technical for a second: The team figured out a way to break down sugar particiles into smaller pieces. This lowers the amount of fat that covers them. In turn, it makes dairy milk able to withstand warmer conditions.

Of course with all things I think are great and amazing; there is a downside. They are only making it available to India and Brazil with no word on a US release date.

Still, there won't be a cure for a melted chocolate bar in your pocket. Man that sucks.



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