I thought this list was a joke, but um, it's not.  Though I still don't believe that these are New York's three most popular candies.

Over the years, I've asked you about your favorite candies- and which are the worst.  I know the popular opinion among my friends in New York.  Yet somehow, candy corn made the top three candies in New York.  Oh and it made the top three along with Hot Tamales and Sour Patch Kids.  Yeah that's our top three.  NOT Snickers, not delicious Reese's, not heavenly Butterfingers.  But Hot Tamales, Candy Corn, and Sour Patch Kids.

The list, posted about by Newsweek, shows the top candies by state.  When I initially scrolled and saw New York's results, I literally scrolled back up to double check if I was looking at the "best" or the "worst".  I personally love candy corn.  Yet I get incessantly made fun of year after year for it- it's an ongoing battle of candy love.

Also, hot tamales?  THAT is one of the state's most popular?  Just seems completely random.  Like the player from the C-lineup from the bench who walks on the field and suddenly wins the game.  What?

Sour Patch Kids are the only believable candy to me in our state's top three. I personally am not a huge fan unless it's the watermelon ones.  But hey, to each their own and most people I know love Sour Patch  Kids.   So let me know, do you agree with the list?  You can check out all the states here.

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