30 years ago today is when the legendary Bob Marley died of cancer. And to honor this influential artist Fallon is featuring tributes to the late great one all week. Monday it was his son Ziggy Marley who mentioned that his father nicknamed him Ziggy after a small joint (everyone seemed to get some joy out of that tidbit), and here you can see Cornell playing ‘Redemption Song’ solo with acoustic just like Bob recorded it. He rolls a few notes though and belts out a few of his too. If you ask me, it’s freakin’ aweome!

Tonight, Jakob Dylan and Jennifer Hudson are both to perform, but what strikes me is that Keith Richards is also on the show this evening, but is only scheduled as a guest. Boy, I hope they find a way to get Keith up there too as it would be a shame to not hear him throw a little of his twang on top. Tomorrow night it’s Ms Lauryn Hill (Bob’s daughter in law) and Lenny Kravitz is to play ‘No More Trouble’.