It’s a dog eat dog world and you’re lucky to learn that at such a young age little girl. Nothing in this world is free and the word “easy” doesn't exist. Watching this woman in Huston Texas straight up snatch a foul ball out of the hands of a sweet little girl might look evil to some, but you’re wrong. This is clearly a life lesson being taught before your very eyes. If this little girl wanted to keep the ball that was clearly tossed directly to her, well then she shouldn't have had such childish weak sponge like grip.

This old grabby granny did this girl a favor. Now this little girl knows if she wants to keep what is hers then she will have to work harder. I guarantee this little girl goes home and starts squeezing a racket ball at her school desk and using towels to do pull up to strengthen that grip. Soon when she too is 40 years old and possessing the GI Joe Kung fu grip, it will be her turn to make an unsuspecting child at a ball park cry.

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