It's all apart of an evil plan to teach your kids how to swear, Minions in your kids McDonalds Happy Meal are swearing and no one knows who is behind this diabolical plot to destroy America's reputation.


I am pretty sure that it's the Hamburglar, he is trying to distract parents who let their kids play with their toy before they eat, when the parents flip out because the Minion said a dirty word and they get up to complain, "rubble, rubble."

What is he going to do with all those hamburgers?

The Hamburglar was hired by Ariana Grande, she wants to make another video, she is going to lick all the hamburgers and say "I'm not lovin it America!"

Ariana Grande is a super villain.

Her super power is that if anyone touches her saliva, they will be shrunk down to her size and then the Minions will beat you up.

She is targeting America's favorite foods, it started with the doughnuts because she wanted to shrink the police.

Fortunately we caught on just in time, before she licked all the hot dogs at the All-Star Game.

What was the next step in her evil plan?

The world may never know.





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