Taking a daily shower is pretty much routine for most of us. You might go one day without taking a show, but feel grimy and dirty thereafter. What if someone told you they only take two showers/baths a week? Would you look at them weird? Would you ask "what's that smell"?

Well, the daily cleaning ritual we are all accustomed to could become a thing of the past thanks to a new "trend" called "Cleansing Reduction"

Instead of bathing everyday, you would only clean yourself once or twice a week. Proponents of the trend say bathing more than that robs your skin and hair of vital nutrients.

Tissue manufacturer SCA conducted a poll and found that many in England are actually taking to this new trend. 41% of men and 33% of women no longer shower once a day. Some do what's known as a "taking a shower in a can" - more commonly known as spraying yourself down with deodorant.

I can understand the idea but have ever been near someone you know hasn't bathed in several days and the smell of a sweaty gym sock that comes from them? I can't imagine in our advanced modern world only showering once or twice a week.

Read more about this trend HERE and let us know, would you actually consider this trend?

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