If you are a wine drinker and always thought, "There has to be an easier and more convenient way to drink this", well look no further. Here are a few new products that will help you consume wine easier. There are three products that you can get right now that will make drinking wine both more enjoyable and more convenient.

According to SimpleMost.com, a new product that just hit the market is the Glitter Wine Bottle Straw. They are exactly what they say. It is an over-sized straw that fits inside the entire bottle of wine and it is glittered. Convenient if you just want to pop the cork and not use a glass. They come in a set of four and you can get them on Amazon for about ten bucks.

You can also get the adult version of the sippy cup that already comes with a straw. It is insulated so your wine will stay cold while you drink. These are handy at your kid's sporting events. You can buy two of them on Amazon for about $22.

This next product is awesome if you just want to have your glass of wine in the tub while relaxing. It is called the SipCaddy. This is brilliant. It attaches with a suction to the wall of your tub so you can secure your glass of wine while you soak. This will cost you about $14 on Amazon.

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