A Clifton Park staple is going to be closing come 2019.

Operating through the 24th of this month, Lindsey's Country Store and Sweet Shop is going to be closing its doors for good.  The Times Union reported that while the store will be open through the 24th, it will also reopen on December 27th to start liquidating, and officially close January 9th.

A staple located on Halfmoon Parkway, Lindsey's has been in business for about three decades.  The Times Union did a really nice write up of the history of the business, so I won't go into more details about that (since you can read it all at the Times Union).  But I will say, it's a shame to see another long-standing business in the Capital Region close.  The decision seems to be related to both costs and rising wages as well as timing for retirement.  Hopefully, all of these business shut-downs slow down a little bit in 2019.  I feel like 2018 has just been full of "store closing", "business closing", and "restaurant closing."  What are your thoughts?