I mean, I sort of understand the one costume they are singling out. The rest though, fun police is what I see them as.

Listen I am all for safety when it comes to kids. Some of the guidelines Gowana Middle School in Clifton Park do make sense. Especially the no weapons, real or fake. That one of course. The other that makes complete sense is the main costume they are asking parents not to send your kids to school as, clowns. With the recent success and remake of It I am sure many horror loving kids would love to dress up as a clown. Like adults though, many people are afraid of clowns.

The aspects I disagree with are ones like no face paint of any kind. This one to me makes absolutely no sense. What is the harm of a kid painting their face? No make up either. One thing that would be assumed after those guidelines is no masks right? Well I see nothing on the WNYT article about masks. Masks seem like they would be more distracting and potentially frightening than a kid with face paint. I still say it, fun police. More from WNYT below.