We've had a string of bitter cold days over the past week or so and that has caused one of the popular natural wonders of the Capital Region to freeze. A picture taken by the US Geological Survey on January 19th at 1pm shows that Cohoes Falls have officially frozen over.


You can expect the falls to continue in this form for at least a couple weeks as temps dip down to the single digits at night and barely make it above freezing during the day.

The best place to check out the falls during winter is Cohoes Overlook Park. A small area right off North Mohawk Street at the intersection of School Street and Cataract Street. This park is open year-round and offers a pretty spectacular view.

Cohoes Falls View Park is probably the best spot to take in the view in the warmer months. It is scheduled to open on May 1st. There's an upper level picnic area that offers a scenic overview and a lower level that gets you down closer to the river. There is also a fishing platform available on the lower level.

The falls are an especially cool site in the spring after the snow melts. This video was taken in February 2019 after what must have been an especially long spat of warm-ish weather.

And as much of a site that the falls can be after the snow melts, I don't think anything can beat what they looked like on August 29, 2011 when Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc through the Capital Region.

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