If you’re wondering why there is nothing clearly marking where you are or what direction you should be heading it’s because Keith Hempstead has taken all the signs. Hempstead, a 45-year-old from Sand Lake has not only gotten elbow-deep in the sign-stealing business, but he has mastered it. $3,000 in aluminum signs may not sound like a lot at first but have you any idea how much that is in American money? Roughly $3,000, yes.

“Keith Hempstead, 45, was arrested Thursday after troopers said he tried to cash in stolen material at a local metal and scrap recycling plant in Cohoes. People at the scene identified Hempstead and his vehicles for authorities, troopers said.” –TU

Classic Hempstead, he truly is the Michael Jordan of stealing signs. some might think he was foolish to show up to a local recycling plant with stolen material in his own truck but clearly this was part of a bigger plan. My guess is this Al Capone of aluminum thievery was looking to get arrested. Keith obviously knows that he is going to prison and that’s where they keep the big signs. once he is behind bars, he will be living the high sign life.

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