When you are on the roadways in and around the Capital Region for the next few days, you have been warned.

Each and every year the police perform what they call "Speed Week". This is an effort to crack down on drivers who speed while driving. For me, I am not much of a speeder. Like many people when I got my license I was a speed demon. I was always driving 80 mph. Well, that came back to bite me rather quickly. In 2010 I got a speeding ticket. That was the reality check for me to slow down.

Not only is it points on your license, it also is money out of your pocket. When you are going 80 on the 55 mph portion of I-90, it isn't exactly a little cash either.

Beyond only speeding tickets, the NYS Police are also on the lookout for driving without a seatbelt (does anyone do that anymore?), distracted driving, and also aggressive driving too through Wednesday.

So get in the car, put the phone down, buckle up, and stay around the speed limit. Just please don't go 10 mph under it, that's not cool.