Dozens of protesters gathered outside Albany Capital Center Wednesday to voice their displeasure for controversial, former sheriff David Clarke Jr.

According to The Times Union, the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police's 2018 Annual Law Enforcement  Vendor Exposition had David Clarke Jr. as a keynote speaker. The former Milwaukee Wisconsin sheriff drew more than three dozen protesters who marched and shouted slogans like, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Sheriff Clarke has got to go!"  Clarke was criticized for his time as Milwaukee County Sheriff, as multiple inmates died while he was in charge. Stories surfaced of deputies shackling pregnant women even as they gave birth, and another involving a jail guard repeatedly raping an inmate.  Another inmate, a male, had the water turned off to his cell and he eventually died of dehydration. All the cases have led to lawsuits. Clarke also made a series of controversial comments on racial matters and gun control. He resigned last August and joined the pro-Donald Trump America First Action Super PAC as a spokesman.

What are your thoughts on David Clarke Jr. and his Albany visit?



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