If you are looking to go to the post office in Corinth, you may want to go to a different post office as they have closed due to toxic mold present in the building.

If you are someone who has a PO box at this post office you will have to go to a location five miles away in Lake Luzerne to retrieve your mail. I know that can be annoying but the closure, temporary, needed to happen. A water pipe apparently had failed months back and last week it was discovered that black mold was present throughout the building in Corinth.

The post office has moved all of their operations to a different location. They also said according to the Times Union that they are hoping to have the closed location open before the Christmas rush. Town Supervisor Richard Lucia had this to say,

"We hope that it is before Christmas ... and I can say this: We will not be losing our Post Office or our ZIP code." - TIMES UNION