When I first started watching this video I legit thought that it was gonna be some straight Honey I Shrunk The Kids type stuff. Its not far off.

Now I live in a rural area so I don't really encounter the problem of a package being left out in plain sight for someone to see. However, I know there are many people who encounter this problem. I recall the first few times buying things off the internet worrying, will it fit in the mailbox? Will the mailman leave it at the doorstep for a robber to snatch it? I've never had this happen so I'm lucky. But I do know many who have, it sucks.

Basically what this man has done is created a mailbox that lets the person know a mailman is about to leave a package and notify you. That notification allows you to unlock the storage area and when it closes it locks back up. Ingenious if you ask me. No more worrying about an important package being stolen. No more worry about a mailman not leaving a package either. The video below shows the mans invention.

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