The answer is yes.  If a proposal goes through you could see some advertising on the sides of school buses around the Albany area.


The school budget votes are in and some of them passed, and some of them failed.  So for schools who are looking to boost their funds they have to look elsewhere.  One place is the side of the school bus.  A way for a school to generate some revenue is to put some advertising on the bus.

Some states are already doing it and are making some great money to do so.  The money can pay for a lot of things, or even just pay for the transportation itself, leaving money behind for the kids and the benefit of their education. This is a really good solution, instead of laying off teachers and other school workers.  Senator Mark Grisanti is one of the ones behind the bill and is trying to sell it right now.

I'm not sure why, but the people in charge of the NYS transportation system for schools don't like it, and find it "offensive".  I have no idea why.  They aren't going to make the buses look like NASCAR or anything and obviously some things wouldn't be allowed to be advertised.  I like the idea of throwing on a billboard or something, because a school bus is out for a couple hours twice if not more a day.

Some places are already seeing a big increase in money thanks to this school bus advertising. A school district in Colorado just signed a 4 year advertising deal worth around $2 million.  I think this is a positive solution to a negative problem.

For more on this story check the report on YNN.

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