The best superhero is a topic that can be up for endless debate.  Who has the best powers, the best outfit, the best strength, and so on and so on.  Well, now you can take whatever your favorite things are and create your very own superhero.

From the strength of Thor to useful but odd qualities of Spiderman (because face it, shooting webs is awesome but a little bit odd), it can all be built in to one superhero.  The best part?  The superhero you create will help against bullying.

Colonie Center is hosting an event for the Power of Good on August 28th where you can design your own superhero T-shirt.  The thing is, your superhero is also going to be focused on how to stop bullying.  The event is actually a competition in itself, so the best superhero is going to win a $250 Colonie Center gift card.  Sounds like a fun event to do some good.  You can get more info and reserve your t-shirt here!