Credit card skimmers have reportedly been found at a gas station in Schenectady.

According to The Daily Gazette, two "high tech" skimming devices were found in two gas pumps at the Sunoco station at 127 Erie Blvd. It is not known when the devices were placed there but they were discovered during routine service on March 7. Police have sent the devices to the U.S. Secret Service for analysis and ask that anyone who used the pumps before March 7 to contact their credit card company monitor their credit statements. A police report should be filed if you see any fraudulent activity.

Seems like we hear more and more about this happening these days. It's really screwed up that people do this and how they get away with hit all too often. Let's hope the scumbags are caught and prosecuted. Three things you never mess with: My family, my food and my money.