Not only can you get your Stewart's Coffee at the proposed new site but you can fill your tank too!

According to the Times Union Stewart's Shops is hoping to open a new location in Albany that would contain not only the convince store but have a three pump fuel canopy as well.

I'm all about adding a couple of of more Stewart's in the Albany area I feel like their locations get a little more sporadic outside of Saratoga and Clifton Park. Plus when you can grab a delicious iced coffee, a sixer of Mountain Brew, and fill up your tank at the same time it's a win win there. In fact the only thing that could make that scenario better is if this Stewart's happened to sell dough boys as well!

Stewart's is looking to put the new location at 19 Fuller Rd. which is kind of a weird location choice seeing as there is an existing Stewart's Shop (with out gas) just two blocks down at 35 Fuller Rd. I'm all about adding some more Stewart's Shops in Albany but don't you think they could spread them out a bit and share the wealth?