As much as anyone can prepare for an active shooter type situation, we're never sure what will happen. Crossgates Mall, however, handled this in top-notch fashion.

Two years ago, the mall, with cooperation of Homeland Security and the FBI, went about the simulation of a complex terrorist attack at Crossgates. This being a simulation that I am sure nobody ever wanted to see go into action.

In 2013, the two agencies discussed running drills to make sure everyone cooperated in a time of panic. Now sure, yesterday was in no way a terrorist attack, but shots had been fired inside of the mall which put the hundreds of customers in extreme danger and is insanely scary.

These simulated scenarios went into effect yesterday and the proof is everything went as smooth as it could. I would personally like to send out major kudos to all the men and women in blue who rushed into the mall fearlessly and to those who protected everyone outside.

There is more info in detail on how the mall was ready for a moment like yesterday at the link below.


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