You're saying to yourself: 'What the fluck is a Crusty demon?' No worries, I have the scoop. The Crusty Demons are daredevil motorcyclists from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. They're like the Jackass's of today. It's safe to say these guys do dumb things for a living and we watch. We watch like little kids patiently waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.   

Let me introduce you to Crusty Demon Dana. Dana decided that he should bungee jump in a shopping cart, off a bridge, over a body of water. What's the big deal right?

Wooooooooo, Dana almost died, wooooooo!!! Any words for the camera Dana?

I almost died dude, that was worse then the helicopter crash

Dana needs to change his profession, right? It's safe to say this Crusty Demon thing may not be a good idea. Demon on!!!!