On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he might be forced to close all New York bars and restaurants.

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Cuomo said about 50,000 COVID-19 tests were conducted on Sunday with 1.05 percent positive. 0.9 percent tested positive in the Hudson Valley. Total hospitalizations in New York fell to 716.

"Our goal now is to stay there and not let the infection rate tick up," he said. "We're not in a static environment."

He said there were more reports of crowding and mask violations at bars and restaurants across New York, but mostly in New York City.

"Many of these congregations tend to be young people. Young people tend to think they are superheroes. You’re not a superhero. But you could become a superspreader," Cuomo said. "You can get sick in your 20s, you can die in your 20s. I'm telling you it has to stop. It's stupid, what you are doing. Don't be stupid. What they are doing it stupid and reckless."

Cuomo called again on the local governments and local police departments to enforce the law and make sure bars aren't overcrowded and people are wearing masks.

"They are not doing it. That is their job and they have to do it," Cuomo said. The bad restaurant and bar owners are going to make it worse for the good owners."

He then said his hand is being forced and if it continues he's going to be forced to rollback his reopening plans.

"If it happens, we are going to have rollback the opening plan and we are going to have close bars and restaurants," Cuomo said. The bad operators will make it bad for everyone. We will have to rollback the bar and restaurant openings if the congregations continue."

On Monday, New York City reached Phase 4 of Cuomo's four-phased reopening. However, indoor dining and malls aren't allowed in New York City in Phase 4. Gyms and movie theaters across New York State remain closed, with no opening date announced.

Cuomo is going to Georiga on Monday as the state helps other states battling the virus.

"We're doing everything now to pay it back" after states helped New York during the pandemic in March and April. People did just amazing things," he said.

He announced he's bringing thousands of pieces of PPE to Georgia to help with testing and tracing.

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