The real estate market during the pandemic has been out of this world. Cash offers on houses! Paying tens of thousands of dollars over asking price! Homes going for double or triple what they were worth just a few years ago!

Buyers are accepting houses that don't feature everything they want just to get the deal done but would you buy a home without a bedroom? I found a custom built home in Niskayuna with a spectacular kitchen, spiral staircase in the silo and a massive garage, but not 1 bedroom.

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Richard G. Rosetti Real Estate, has a listing for 331 Vly Road in Niskayuna, NY and this property is one of the most unique homes you will find in the Capital Region or all of New York State. On first glance it's part castle and part barn conversion. This is actually a 6,000 square foot 2012 custom build.

If you collect cars, this place is for you with enough space to fit up to 25 vehicles! Scroll through the pictures below and you will see one badass kitchen, spiral staircase up the silo, a loft with amazing views, but no bedroom. G Rosetti Real Estate G Rosetti Real Estate

According to the listing, there is a pending sale so you might be out of luck this time. That doesn't mean you can't take a look around. There is a bathroom but let's focus on the massive garage, outside fire pit and a one-of-a-kind kitchen.

The property has been listed as a studio but it's so much more for $850,000.

Custom Home in Niskayuna, NY

This 6,000 square foot dream can accommodate up to 25 cars, has a loft atop the silo with views of the Berkshires and the grounds have enough features that you could live outside as well! Only catch is that there is no bedroom.

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