Rushing through the insane crowds of black Friday not your thing?  Cyber Monday is probably for you.  It's the day when most stores do big sales online, so where can you find the best deals today?


Shopping at home is something that I love to do.  Shopping at home and getting a great deal is even better.  It's usually easy to find a good price online for something, but on Cyber Monday the prices are usually the best.  You can find expensive things for way less, while supplies last of course.  It's the Internets version of black Friday, and it's huge.  So where can you find some of the best deals today?  Yahoo has complied a great list, so get your mouse clicker finger ready.

Toys R Us

This is the biggest time of year for toy stores, and today you can get some good deals at Toys R Us.  They are offering 60% off certain video games when you buy another one.  A pretty good deal if you have a gamer in the family.  They are also offering 30,40 and 50% many of the other hot items on most Christmas lists, and to top to top it off if you spend over $49 you will get free shipping.


I do a lot of my Christmas shopping at Macy's.  They always have a lot of different things and they have some great deals today.  50% off women's coats, and while supplies last they have a Dyson vacuum for just $99 (regularly over $300).

Barnes & Noble

It must be pretty hard to be a book store with being the giant that it is.  That's why Barnes & Noble really turned up their sales this year.  They are offering up to 80% DVD and Blu Rays today.  You can also get 25% off an item purchased online today, any item.  Nook anyone?


Today at Target you will be able to get cloths and housewares for up to 50% off while toys are 30-50% off.  Target is Walmart's biggest competition, so you can bet that they are watching each other.   You can also grab up select DVDs for just $3.99 too.

For a complete list of all the stores and deals you can get today, check out Yahoo Finance.