It's that time of the year when America shows the world why we are number 1 in Consumerism but the question is: Are you a Black Friday Door Buster or a Cyber Monday Smart Noodle?

<> on November 27, 2014 in New York City.
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I suppose that the difference is adrenaline because going to the mall this time of the year requires a certain state of mind where shopping is your passion and it pumps you so full of consumer energy that you forget who you are and you become the sales!

Cyber Monday Smart Noodles seem lazy to me, they don't want to charge into the cornucopia of shopping, they just want to sit at home and sip on their coffee or tea and click on things.

Although it's a Tuesday and both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over and this blog is late because Wordpress decided to time out on me yesterday, this blog is still relevant because it's still the Holiday Shopping Season.


I used to be a last minute, Christmas Eve shopper because I find desperate people stressing over material possessions amusing and I like to make them upset by throwing caution into the wind in-front of them, but now that I have a wife, kid and a job I can't do that anymore, so I like to watch the videos of Black Friday on Youtube, see some fights, some people getting trampled, it makes me smile because that's America.